Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Briahna Leone Beck

Briahna Leone Beck Born 5/6/2013 at 8:43pm 7lbs. 15oz; 20in. Saint Vincent's in Billings, MT

Monday, April 26, 2010

WHat Today?

Ok so it has been about one/two months since the last I blogged! Forgive Me! I really don't have anything to blog about right now. I am very excited that My mom was just here to visit, they might come up in a few weeks, my friend from Missoula is coming this weekend, and I guess that's about it. I just strolled down memory lane a few nights ago and I realized that I have made some questionable decisions but I haev learned so much from those mistakes. I wish I had the motivation to write a book for incoming freshman girls. I would begin my book with the importance of finding a great group of friends to the first week you get to campus. I sure did! We went to toga parties together, most campus events, of course the occasional party, flirted with boys and so much more. I would also suggest that if they are in a relationship that they should consider taking a few months break from that relationship to focus on college life. Doesn't mean that freshman girls need to experience other options but I would just suggest focusing on friends and just having a good time and keep your options open. After the first year, if the relationship is still an option then you know it was meant to be if the feelings stayed throughout that year apart. I know taking those few months apart from my boyfriend (now husband), was the best thing for us. I was able to experience college with my friends and I didn't have to share my time with anyone else. HOwever, the choices I did make during that time apart could be classified as the worst decisions I've ever made. But in the end I learned from those decisions and I was able to see the right choices way more clearly. All the drama associated with those choices seemed to linger for a lot longer than anyone would have wanted. But those days are gone and my choices have led to my wonderful relationship with my husband. I know I am a young bride and our relationship is in it's birth stage. I

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday 2/13

Wow, what happened to blogging everyday! haha, life happened! Well I am sitting in my apartment drinking tea, preparing to coach two basketball games today! This past week I have had to eat my words. Remember my last post, about the jerk, well as I was watching my husbands intramural games this past week, the jerk's team was paying adjacent from me. Right after I finished explaining to my friend his actions of last week, he belted out a sound of pain. He has sprained his ankle, badly, possibly even broke it. Later that night he even went to the emergency room. I feel horrible for saying the things I did about him. I don't disagree with how I felt but I feel guilty for what I said and gossiped about it. I should not have done that. God was showing me that we are all human and that no matter what I need to love all children of God. Thank you God for that important lesson. I do pray that he recovers quickly. This week has been uneventful, probably the reason why I have not blogged for a week and a half. But I will hopefully write more later, I need to get ready for basketball.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday 2/3

OK, so today.... not a whole lot happened during the day but something has happened that is quite interesting just a few hours ago! So my husband was playing a men's league basketball game and i decided to take score and stats for them so that the players on the bench didn't have to. My husband's younger sister was helping me out and i was helping her make sure the score was accurate. Well, she was having a brief moment of difficulty with the score board and I was taking a second to help her get the score right and one of the players on the other team freaked out because he thought we were taking away his points, which we weren't I was only fixing the score and my husband's sister had accidentally given them too much so I was correcting the score. Anyway, so he comes by and says you need to count that and I politely said don't worry about it the score is right. Then about 2 minutes later, thinking the matter was solved, the player complains to the ref that we weren't keeping accurate score so they stopped the game to check the score with the stats sheet and of course it was correct. Honestly, I felt that there was no need for him to over react to the situation. For one thing, I had no desire to cheat the score so my husband's team could win a game (that you would assume was played for fun). Anyway, the complaints never stopped the entire game. My husband's team ended up winning the game by twelve or so points. So even if, by some crazy chance, the score was two points off, the opposing team would not have won. Anyway, the game went on with this particular player complaining about everything, from fouls, to points, to jump balls. It was out of control. On top of it all every time he shot the ball he would fake a foul, which the refs occasionally fell for and when they didn't he would throw such a fit. Also, every time he stamped his little foot and didn't get his way, some lude comment would exit his mouth. Plus, he deemed himself the point guard of his team and decided that he would also be the coach. He yelled at all his teammates and would tell them exactly what to do he would even snap his fingers at them. It was ridiculous. I wouldn't have been so annoyed with the player if he hadn't involved my husband's sister and myself in his dramatic show. By the closing of the game, realizing his team was behind, the player frantically ran about the court trying to foul on ball and causing a ruckus. OK enough of me complaining.

I guess the reason for me to be so affected by this ordeal was the fact that I happened to know the player being such a jerk. He had once dated a friend of mine and we had the opportunity to hang out a few times. He seemed like a nice enough person and was a very devote Christian. I was quite impressed with his conversation topics, usually ending on religion. Which didn't affect me, being a Christian myself. So I was shocked by his performance on the court. When I first met him he had such an air about him that would make you feel that he assumed himself to be a little more christian than you. Which is fine, I am not the judge of that, and either is he. Well, I am under the assumption that when you are a bit cocky in this area you should also be very humble. Unfortunately that was not the case with this young man. He was so cruel on the court with his actions and words that I could not believe someone with such an arrogant attitude about his Christianity would even want to act that way. I am not trying to judge or pass judgement. I just pray that some day he will realize that his actions outside of Church and prayer time is viewed upon by others, especially non-believers and that he should be aware that how he acted did not portray himself as a Christian.

Please correct me if I am out of line on my opinion of the young man and his performance.

How should have I handled the situation differently?

I suppose I could have confronted him after the game and explained to him the situation with the score board. And possibly let him know exactly how I felt about his actions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Morning 2/2

As you know from reading my last blog, I have motivation issues. Well today has been great! I went to bed last night reading for my homework assignment and today I woke up quite early to finish up some last minute details on homework that is due today! Unfortunately, I did miss my 8am class. But there was no way for me to go to class and finish my homework by its deadline. The good news is that my class at 8am is very boring and so easy. It is a one credit class, on drugs for educators, and it is only once a week! Everything you need to know is posted online, so if you don't feel like going to class you are pretty much home-free anyway! Aside from that, my motivation has picked up immensely, and now I look forward to my next challenge. STAYING MOTIVATED! Today is my longest day of the week. I usually have class starting at 8am and lasting until 3:25 with a 30 min. break somewhere. I then go the practice, and tonight after practice I have a basketball league game at 6pm. So how am I supposed to stay motivated from 8am to 6pm and have enough energy to hustle up and down the court? I HAVE NO IDEA! But wish me luck anyway! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's February 2/1

What a day! Had to take my husband to school, ran some errands, bought a sweater for $3 at goodwill! I accomplished much today! After a frustrating day at home, trying to motivate myself enough to get something done i accomplished nothing! Why is it so hard to actually motivate yourself to do the things in your house you know need to get done but yet you don't do them and then the next day or even that night while you are thinking about the things that need to be done for the next day you start to complain and whine and get utterly frustrated at yourself for being lazy! Is this just a female problem? Do men get frustrated at themselves for not being motivated and not accomplishing the things in their day that they absolutely needed to? From my experience, I highly doubt that men get frustrated over anything except sports or their cars! When I get home, my husband is quite content with the dishes overflowing the sink, the laundry laying on the bedroom floor, and our towels strewn about the bathroom! I understand that it is half my mess as well, but when he is home does he make any attempt to unfrustrate my life? Of course he does sometimes, when I ask him! But do we still love our husbands! Of course we do! They wouldn't be in our lives if we didn't unconditionally love them! With that sad, I am still sitting at my computer procrastinating, and not doing anything about my messy house! Might as well complain to my husband! Now it is time for homework, basketball, and sleep! 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beautiful Sunday 1/31

Today, has been amazing so far! I was able to sleep in until 9 and then my husband, dog, and I went up the mountain for some snowshoeing! It was amazing. The snow was falling on our faces while we laughed and held hands, watching our dog bound and leap through the snow! Today I don't think I have any serious life questions to solve! I just needed to get in an update!